Who Can And Can't Cast Vote in The US Presidential Elections 2020 ?

Who Can and Can't Vote in U.S. Elections 

The USA presidential races happen in 2020. In November, we will know who the leader of the United States will be for the following four years. There has been impressive debate over who is and isn't qualified to cast a vote with Donald Trump, the current president, being blamed for attempting to smother voters.

A few republicans lawmakers do now need voters to cast their voting form by post with Donald Trump guaranteeing a great many phony votes can be checked along these lines. He utilized an account about a companion of his whose child had disastrously died yet gotten a democratic card. Trump has utilized these strategies before. He said illicit migrants were casting a vote as once a huge mob for Barack Obama in 2016 and said busloads of out of state voters were headed to New Hampshire to cast unlawful votes in 2016 too.

Can And Can't Cast Vote in The US Presidential Elections

So who can cast a vote in the US presidential election 2020?

All U.S. residents must meet these general necessities so as to cast a ballot in federal elections. Non-U.S. residents (foreign-born individuals) can't cast a ballot/vote in the U.S. in a political race.
General necessities for U.S. residents for federal elections include:
  • Voter must be age 18 or more seasoned upon the arrival of the election.
  • The voter must enroll to cast a vote (all states with the exception of North Dakota)
  • Voter must meet their state's residency prerequisites.
Note :- If you are homeless or do not have a permanent residence, you may at present have the option to meet the general residency requirement for your state.

who can't cast a vote in the US presidential election 2020

  • Non-citizens, including permanent legal residents. 
  • If a person have a felony, you can't vote in some states (Rules very by state) 
  • A person with an intellectual disability  (Rules very by state)
  • Unable to work, move, or function due to a physical or mental disability (Rules very by state)
  • For president in the general election: U.S. citizens residing in U.S. territories

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