Voting on Election Day

How to Vote on Election Day ?

You definitely realize you're Busy —and you're similarly prone to be busy Election Day.
Voting Is An Important Right - Votes Count. Be Counted
Important information for you related to Voting on Election Day 
voting on election day

Can I Vote Online? 

No, in Presidential Election in the United States you can't cast a vote on the web.
In many election in the United States, you either need to cast a vote face to face  at an official polling place or by casting an absentee ballot.

Find Out Your Polling Place 

Your Polling Place is the place you go to vote on Election Day. Find out where yours polling place, its hours, and on the off chance that you can change your polling place.
Please Note: Many voters with inabilities depend on in-person casting a vote at available polling places. Voters with language hindrances frequently rely upon the assistance of mediators at the polls.
Changes to polling places are conceivable due to the COVID-19. These may incorporate various locations, layouts, procedures, and availability of translators.
On the off chance that you have to cast a ballot in-person, check your Polling place before Election Day. Get some answers about early voting options. And check with local election officials to learn:
  • If your needs will be met at your polling station
  • Different ways you might have the option to cast a vote.
To discover your polling place and its hours, contact your State or Territorial Election Office. What's more, let them know whether you need an accommodation for a disability

Can I Change My Polling Place

You're relied upon to cast a vote at the polling place you've been appointed. If you move, update your location on your voter enlistment so you can be appointed another polling place close to your new home. 

If you attempt to vote somewhere other than your assigned location, you may need to project a temporary voting form and your vote may not be counted. 

If you have a disability, you reserve the privilege to cast a vote at an accessible polling place. Be that as it may, you may need to demand it in advance.

Voter ID Requirements

Two-thirds of states anticipate that you should give identification to let you vote at the polls. See whether You Need to Bring an ID to Vote Your state's laws decide if you should show an ID and if so, what kind.

Photo ID

About half of the states with voter ID laws acknowledge just Photo IDs. These incorporate 
  • Driver’s licenses
  • State-issued ID cards 
  • Military ID cards 
  • Passports 
Many of these states currently offer a free voter photo ID card in the event that you don't have another type of valid photo ID.

Different states acknowledge a few kinds of non-photo ID. These may incorporate 
  • Birth Certificates 
  • Social Security cards 
  • Bank Statements 
  • Utility Bills 
Each state is specific about the documents it will acknowledge as verification of recognizable proof. Be certain you know your state's voter ID necessities before Election Day.

Procedure for Voting Without Photo ID

Regardless of whether you don't have a type of ID that your state requests, you might have the option to cast a vote. A few states require you take additional measures after you vote to ensure that your vote counts. 

A few states may request that you sign a a form affirming your identity. Different states will let you cast a provisional ballot. States utilize provisional ballot when there is an inquiry regarding a voter's qualification. States keep provisional ballot separate until they choose whether they should check. To do as such, they will examine a voter's eligibility.. They may likewise force you to show a satisfactory type of ID inside a couple of days. In the event that you don't, your provisional ballot count.

Name and Address Mismatch 

Indeed, even with the correct ID, you may need to project a provisional ballot. This can occur if the name or address on your ID doesn't coordinate the name or address on your voter registration. For example: 
  • You get married, change your last name, and update your voter registration. In any case, your driver's permit, which you present as ID, despite everything has your unmarried name on it. 
  • You move and for your voter ID, you present a current utility bill. Lamentably, you've neglected to refresh your location on your voter registration already. 
A few states necessitate that you advise your local registration office of any name change. Avoid problems. Continuously update your voter registration when you move or change your name.

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